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As travel and environmental exchange increases, Georgia’s trees are increasingly besieged by a wide variety of health threats. Fungi, insects, mosses, and diseases all enjoy making their home in Savannah’s trees, and the results range from merely annoying to downright dangerous. Certain infestations—like Spanish moss—are harmless and even beautiful. Other forms of corruption, like pine beetles, almost always cause rapid and irreparable tree failure. However, most forms of infestation fall between these two extremes: they’re dangerous if left untreated, but manageable with annual and semi-annual treatments.

Currently, tree spraying is one of the best tools Savannah’s trees have to fight disease and infestations. Our tree professionals are expert tree sprayers, who know exactly what chemical to use, and when to use it. We’ll help you pinpoint the exact nature of your trees’ problems, and help determine the threats they’re most likely to need protection from. We’ll then work with you to decide the best course of action, and what treatments are most appropriate for your unique situation.

Why Amateur Tree Spraying Services Aren’t Worth It

When it comes to tree spraying, experience and training are critical! It isn’t enough to simply spray a tree, you also need to be able to correctly diagnose the problem, select the right chemicals, and understand the best treatment techniques. Our Savannah experts excel in all these areas of service and produce expert tree spraying results every time. When you work with our tree spraying professionals, you know you’ll always get the following:

  • Complete, Accurate Diagnosis: Our service experts will perform a complete examination of your tree, carefully taking into account all evidence of disease and decay. We’ll then use our expert knowledge to determine the ‘root’ of your problem, as well as the best course of treatment. If tree spraying is the right approach to take with your trees, we’ll put together a customized service plan for you.
  • Strategic, Eco-Conscious Spraying: Our tree service experts won’t just grab a bottle of herbicide and start spraying! We’ll figure out the best time of year to tackle your problem (certain infestations are vulnerable at different times), employ FDA-approved chemicals known to work and make targeted applications that won’t put needless chemicals into Savannah’s ecosystem. When you get tree spraying services from our Savannah experts, you get careful, professional work you can trust.
  • Continued Maintenance: If your trees are infected or diseased in a way that cannot be permanently cured, our tree service experts will help you keep the problem in check with continued maintenance. We’ll monitor your trees, provide regular service, and work to prevent the blight from spreading. We’ll always be honest with you; letting you know openly if we think our maintenance is no longer working, or if tree removal has become a better option.

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If you’re interested in learning more about tree spraying, contact our Savannah office at any time! We’d love to answer any questions you have, as well as arrange a free tree service estimate! Our estimates are not only 100% free, but they’re also fast, accurate, and completely transparent. We’re local tree lovers who want to help your trees thrive, so contact us today to find out what our tree service experts can do for you! We’ll do whatever it takes you to protect your trees’ health and allow them to thrive!

Our tree service experts regularly spray trees across Savannah and southeast Georgia, including Hinesville, Pooler, Port Wentworth, and Chatham County.